What We Do

More than 40 years of experience in
Planning, Design, Development, Construction & Project Management.

Nancy provides her clients with the expertise necessary to allow them to plan, develop, manage and construct a variety of buildings and entertainment projects. She has developed and managed diverse public institutional, commercial, residential and entertainment projects both locally and internationally. Budgets for individual projects that she has managed have ranged from $1 million to more than $50 million.

Nancy Holme’s extensive experience allows her to advise owners on all aspects of their project and with their direction, manage the variety of professions, disciplines and regulators on behalf of the owner.

Nancy is the sole owner of Echo West Developments. She has no associates. She works personally with the owners and their committees on every project she accepts.

An Extensive Background of Skills and Experiences

Nancy Holme brings the experience of an extensive resume and broad experiences, as appropriate, to each project. Reporting to the Owner and managing with the Owner’s approval the following are some of the services provided to our clients:

Development Management

  • site selection and acquisition
  • strategic and conceptual planning for specific sites
  • design and feasibility analysis
  • design direction
  • supervision of public approval processes through City Councils, governing authorities and local neighbourhood committees
  • administrative reporting to Directors or Building Committees

Key Consultant & Service Providers Management

  • recommendation, selection and management of consultant team and service providers such as architects, engineers, technical support, construction manager, furnishing suppliers, service providers, etc.
  • ongoing reviews of design details and construction feasibility during design
  • coordinating film/video producers, set fabricators, special effects contractors, and operations design and training

Cost Control & Financing Management

  • budget preparation and ongoing reviews of detailed pro forma
  • tracking of all approved changes and additions in the budget
  • assistance and management of financing sourcing
  • management of cost control team including quantity surveyors and change order approvals
  • judicious control of the contingency for unanticipated issues only

Construction Supervision Management

  • selection and ongoing management of General Contractor and specialized subcontractors
  • oversee all aspects of the construction to ensure occupancy approval by the governing authorities
  • construction site monitoring to minimize and resolve problems, disputes and issues proactively
  • coordination of final inspection of the completed project on the Owner's behalf to obtain final approvals for an occupancy permit from the City
  • organize the preparation of detailed deficiency list with holdback costs as part of the sign over of space from the contractors to the Owner
  • Monitor the completion of deficiencies including release of deficiency holdbacks

Leasing & Sales Management

  • assist with tenant leasing in conjunction with Leasing Agents
  • coordination of tenant improvements with General Contractor and subcontractors
  • management of Project Sales for multi-family residential projects
  • preparing updated detailed move-in schedules and coordination of purchasers or subtenants