The Value of Your Owner’s Representative

Making Informed Decisions.
Protecting your Vision.
Getting you back to your Own Business.

Making Informed Decisions

Owners must make thousands of decisions in a complex project. How do you do that and not make a costly mistake?
I bring 40 years experience in all aspects of design, development and construction. I understand the complexities of the interrelationships of competing interests for your time and your resources.

My work is deep in the details of a project. Understanding all aspects of a project and how all the many contractors operate, allows me to manage your many contracts as well as to anticipate potential problems and to offer alternate and cost-effective solutions. My role is to save you money and protect your schedule.

Protecting your Vision.

Every professional and trade from architects to plumbers are looking at your project through their own narrow set of responsibilities.
  • Engineers bring a structural design aesthetic but usually do not see the project from its operations perspective.
  • Plumbers see an installation task but usually do not see their task as a part of the bigger design aesthetic.
  • Licensing authorities see a checklist of incomplete items not your grand opening gala next Friday.
I protect your vision. Only you, and myself as your representative can make the managerial decisions through the filter of the big picture, the Owner’s original vision. Together we collaborate on the best strategies as the project progresses that I will carry out on your behalf.

Getting you back to your Own Business.

For owners who are not developers, a development project can be extremely time consuming with a significant learning curve and an increased risk of making costly uninformed decisions.

I will manage the project on your behalf bringing the key decisions to you with clear directions, explanations, cost analysis, schedule implications and alternatives when necessary. You can get back to your own business knowing that your interests are being well managed.